Do we have to arrive at a specified time? What if we're early or late?

Please do your best to arrive at your scheduled start time. We have a lot to accomplish together during your field trip. We often book several groups at a time, so arriving late will shorten your students' program; arriving early or late may disrupt other schools' programs.

We're coming by bus. Where can we park?

Please follow the signs to the School Entrance. After dropping off passengers, the buses can then park in the bus spaces along the road at the rear of our parking lot.

How do we check in? How do we pay? What if we bring more or less people than booked?

The teacher in charge can check in at the Reception Desk before or after the students get off the bus and enter through the School Entrance into the Unitil Program Room.

You can pay in advance for you field trip or pay upon arrival. Whether or not all of your students and chaperones made the trip, the check must be for the amount of students and additional adults reserved in advance (you have up to 48 hours before your field trip to update your numbers).

If you bring additional students and adults, you can pay upon arrival, but we cannot guarantee that there will be enough seats for them in the planetarium theater or enough materials for them in your Discovery Experience.

Where can we store our lunches? What time will we have lunch?

If you plan to eat lunch here, please have your students and chaperones bring bag lunches. When you arrive, we will direct you to our lunchroom storage closets (which are at room temperature; we do not provide refrigerated storage). You can choose to have lunch outdoors at our picnic tables or in our Unitil Program Center. Your lunch schedule is based on your program start time:

9 AM arrival - lunch from 10:30-11 AM
9:15 AM Discovery Experience - lunch from 11-11:30 AM
10 AM arrival - lunch from 11:30 AM-12 PM
11 AM arrival - lunch from 12:30-1 PM
11:15 AM Discovery Experience - lunch from 1-1:30 PM
12 PM arrival* - lunch from 12-12:25 PM
* Note: students for the noon experience must arrive by 11:30 AM.

Are food and drinks allowed in the exhibit galleries or planetarium?

No. Please leave all food and drinks, including bottled water and coffee in the lunchroom storage closets. Please let your chaperones know this in advance. If you have a student with medical issues who will require you to carry food or drink for that student in our galleries/planetarium, please let us know when you check in at our Reception Desk.

How many chaperones will I need?

One chaperone is required for every ten students. We expect the chaperones to play an active role in supervising the students. Please let the chaperones know their role before the trip. Your students will get the most out of their field trip if they are in an environment that encourages learning. Please assign each chaperone ten students to supervise and ensure that the chaperone stays with his/her students throughout the visit, and plan for chaperones to file in and sit among your students in the theater. Older students cannot serve as chaperones.

Can my students buy a souvenir to remember their visit?

Yes! Students can visit the Northeast Delta Dental Science Store to shop while you are here. We understand that students on field trips have limited funds, so our Science Store includes items in all price ranges, including pencils, glow-in-the-dark stars, astronaut ice cream, toys, meteorites, space mission patches, books and more. For your convenience, students can make purchases, sign their names on their bags and we can store them in a box for you until you return to your bus. Revenues from the Science Store support the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center.

I'm ready to get our adventure underway! What should I do now?

Call (603) 271-7827 x104

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for considering the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center for your field trip destination!