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Adopt a Star

Adopt a star in the Discovery Center's planetarium and help support the educational mission of the Discovery Center. With your gift you may honor a loved one with a memoriam, celebrate a graduation, a wedding or birth of a child, adopt a star in your own name, or have a quotation of your choice shown next to your star during every Tonight's Sky planetarium show for one year (Star level) or ten years (Galaxy level). 20 characters maximum, including spaces. You may also choose your favorite constellation and we will pick the brightest available star for you; or let us pick the constellation.

To adopt a star, please click on the donate button above, and in the "Other" option, indicate a donation of $125 for a one-year adoption, or $1000 for a 10-year adoption. In the contact information section, include the word "adopt" after your phone number, and email Sarah Nappo ( the name you would like to see beside your star.

Donation of items: If you have items that you wish to donate, please contact us first before bringing them by, as we have limited collections space. 

Please note: We do not accept any old newspapers, magazines or scrapbooks. While we understand that they may be valuable to you, we are very unlikely to display them and have no room to store them. They present a cost rather than a benefit to the Discovery Center and will have to be discarded if left here. Thank you for understanding.