Please check our calendar for the most up to date listings. On occasion, we change our show line-up for school field trip visits and special events.

Planetarium show ticket sales stop 10 minutes before our shows are scheduled to begin, to make sure everyone gets to the planetarium theater in time for the show to begin. We need to create a very dark environment for you to be able to see the stars, so once the audience is seated, the show begins and no late seating is allowed.

Planetarium shows run approximately 35-45 minutes. The theater is "looped" with a magnetic loop system that enables individuals with Telecoil-equipped hearing aids to fully enjoy planetarium shows, thanks to the New Hampshire Academy of Audiology and Oticon.


The Little Star that Could -
Stellar science for our youngest visitors! Follow Little Star, a very average star, looking to find some planets. On his journey, we will meet other stars and learn what it means to be a star and what it means to be a planet. Recommended for ages 4 to 10.

Life Under the Arctic Sky.jpg

Life Under the Arctic Sky-

In our first show to combine astronomy with anthropology (the study of human culture), learn about the Sami in northern Norway, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. How are the seasons affected by being that close to the Northern Pole? How is life affected? Learn about the Sami’s relationship with their reindeer, the Northern Lights, and more in this beautiful show.