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Discovery Experiences

These interactive, hands-on experiences foster critical thinking, teamwork, and problem solving while targeting multi-disciplinary skills. Each experience relates to one of our new exhibits and goes more in depth providing hands-on experiences students are sure to enjoy! These experiences begin at 9:15 AM and 11:15 AM Wednesday-Friday. 100 students per experience max. Two week advance registration required.

Dynamic Earth

What makes Earth unique? What can we learn from rocks? How can what we learn about Earth be applied to other planets and moons? Students will become scientists and explore Earth's atmosphere, rocks, and the changes seen from space of our complex and dynamic Earth!
Grades 3-12

Imaging Our Universe

How do satellites and space probes help us understand our universe? This experience will help students understand telescopes, basic optics, light, color, imaging devices, data transmission, and properties of the objects being imaged.
Grades 6-12

Lunar Recon

Explore the Moon! Students will discover what can be learned from shadows, the distance and size relationships between Earth and the Moon, position during phases and eclipses, and methods scientists use on orbiting missions to learn more about the Moon.
Grades 3-8

Stellar Forensics

Stars are the only thing studied by science that can't be brought in to the laboratory. How then do we know so much about the stars? This experience will unlock the mystery of decoding the informative fingerprints of the photons sent across trillions of miles. Learn how we determine the temperature, size, luminosity, color, elemental make-up, and motion of the stars in this hands-on spectroscopy lab experience.
Grades 8-12

The Final Frontier

What does it take to have a successful robotic or human spaceflight? What space technologies are used to propel and protect spacecraft? Be part of humanity's continued exploration of space as we explore space technologies, discover what humans need to survive on a different planet, and work together to accomplish a mission.
Grades 3-12

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