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Discovery Experiences

Limited to 25 students per Experience session. It may be possible to accomodate larger groups by booking more than one time slot (schedule dependent).

Give your students the opportunity to expand their understanding of Earth and space science through a hands-on Discovery Experience workshop. Topics covered in Discovery Experiences are:

Art and Science of Light and Color (Grades 6-12)

Ever heard a student exclaim, "But, I'm an artist!!" This experience connects art and science by exploring the basic physics of light, color, and pigments. Students will learn about applied spectroscopy, differences between light sources and additive (light) colors vs. subtractive (pigments). A perfect way to inspire art-minded students and science lovers, alike!

Dynamic Earth (Grades 3-12)

What makes Earth unique? What can we learn from rocks? How can what we learn about Earth be applied to other planets and moons? Students will explore Earth's atmosphere and geology and learn how it is related to our planetary neighbors.

Imaging Our Universe (Grades 6-12)

How do satellites and space probes help us understand our universe? In this experience, students will experiment with basic optics, light and color to gain a deeper understanding of how scientists use telescopes and other imaging devices to understand the composition of the universe.

Lunar Recon (Grades 3-8)

Explore the Moon! Students will discover what can be learned from lunar shadows, the distance/size relationship between Earth and the Moon, lunar positions during its phases and eclipses, as well as the methods scientists are using to currently learn more about the Moon.

Maya Math and Astronomy (Grades 5-12)

Ancient peoples like the Maya were able to establish remarkably accurate calendars using the stars and other elements in the sky. Using actual artifact imagery, this experience provides an introduction to base-20 math, calendar systems and explores their basis in astronomy. Math content can be adjusted to students' abilities.

Stellar Forensics (Grades 8-12)

How do we know so much about stars if they can't be brought into the laboratory? This hands-on, laboratory-based experience will unlock the mystery of star composition, temperature, size and stellar motion by using spectroscopy.

The Final Frontier (Grades 3-12)

What does it take to have a successful robotic or human spaceflight? What space technologies are used to propel and protect spacecraft? Students will work together to accomplish a mission--after first tackling the questions: How will we get there? How will we survive on a different planet?

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