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Welcome to the Mumley-Rust Memorial Station.

This fully functional HF/VHF/UHF/Satellite amateur radio station is a unique exhibit that demonstrates and uses a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The radio allows voice transmission and Morse code on thousands of frequencies of various wavelengths. With the guidance of volunteer amateur radio operators, you can talk to other “hams” around the country as well as contact the International Space Station when it is in a favorable position. Communication with satellites in space is also possible in order to receive and make transmissions to other parts of the world.

Celestron 14 inch and Lunt 100mm telescopes

This Amateur Radio Station is given to the Young People of the State of New Hampshire and all others who visit it by the New England Amateur Radio Festival, Inc. (NEAR-Fest) and is dedicated in memoriam to Gregory J. Mumley, KA1FJ (SK) and Kenneth S. Rust, KB1PRV (SK). The New England Amateur Radio Festival would like to acknowledge and thank the following organizations and individuals for their cooperation and generosity without which the construction of the Mumley-Rust Memorial Amateur Radio Station would not be possible: 

Organizations: The Contoocook Valley Radio Club (CVRC); The Port City Amateur Radio Club (PCARC); Kenwood USA Corp; AMSAT; CQ and CQ-VHF Magazine; The Deerfield Fair Association; Ham Radio Outlet; West Mountain Radio; Quicksilver Radio Products; Ham Source.

Individuals: Dale P. Clement, AF1T; Yettive S. Crestohl, K1YTV; Lawrence A. Damour, Sr, N1PHV; Ross A. Hochstrasser, W1EKG; Joseph E. Kramas, K1JEK; Kriss A. Kliegle, KA1GJU; Miles M. Mann, WF1F; John C. Moore, N1FOJ; Jeremy L. Muller, K0TV; Mark S. Pryde, K1RX; Wayne W. Santos, N1CKM; Lee D. Scott, AA1YN; Peter J. Stohrer, K1PJS; Roger B. Thompson, K1PV; Gordon V. West, WB6NOA.

The New England Amateur Radio Festival: H. Michael Crestohl, W1RC; Gary A. Burrows, W2INR; Timothy M. Smith, WA1HLR; Michael N. Raisbeck, K1TWF; Edward J. Anderson, N1IWV; Clement P. Beauregard, VE2BIA; Paul R. DePetrillo, W1PRA; Todd D. Bigelow, KA1KAQ; John M. Goran, K1JJS; John A. Rogers, K1WIZ; and the thousands of amateur radio operators, enthusiasts and their friends who attend this event in Deerfield, NH every May and October.

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